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Understanding Your Website Visitors Avoid Website Failure

Many people have a hard time to attract visitors to their websites. This is the major problem any webmaster will face once you decide to build and run a website or blog. Visitors are the life line of any website. However, not many know what are the types of visitors are there in the World Wide Web. Mainly we could divide them into two major categories.

Random Visitors
Random visitors or not targeted traffic are the visitors who visit your site at random and they are not visiting mainly looking for certain information which your website could offer. These random visitors could be at a website because they accidentally found the site or just browsing the internet looking for some information which would attract their interest to read further. This type of visitors carries little value to website owners who intend to sell something using their sites as the traffic is not targeted traffic.

Targeted Visitor
This type of visitors to sites is highly valued as these people are looking for certain information which they need from various sites. If your website could offer them what they need, the chances are they will stick around and read further because the information they are looking for is provided by your website. As for online entrepreneurs, these targeted visitors mean there is a much greater chance for them to sell or promote a product as the visitors are interested in the information the site could offer.

Therefore, if you are looking for improving your website return on investment, then you should increase the number of targeted visitors and not random visitors.


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