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Avoiding The Mistakes with Adsense

Do not think that is so exciting, with many publishers AdSense, all for the creation of hundreds of sites that have absolutely no idea of customers? The first rule for creating and maintaining a successful enterprise is a thorough knowledge of customer . Do not think that is so exciting, with many publishers AdSense, all for the creation of hundreds of sites that have absolutely no idea of customers? The first rule for creating and maintaining a successful enterprise is a thorough knowledge of customer .

We will return the piece and look at another angle. Google does not have to pay for clicks on your site, the promoter of AdWords is to separate the money from you. The reason why is advertising to sell a product or service or to drive people to the site for subscription or whatever reason. We do so to gain a trade advantage.

The question here is: You are giving an advantage or you are simply the cost of money?

Have you heard "~ Adsense is dead" or "~ there is little money to be made from Adsense, as in the past." Most of the AdSense publishers believe that should be put in place a little more sites will make up for lost income. Dead Wrong.

The reason for the declining revenue comes from AdSense ads on targeted sites. Most people love to place blame at the dawn of Google, but this is not the case. The problem lies in the publication of thousands of sites for the production only clicks, therefore, optimized for the search engine and does not give a second thought to advertising AdWords.

The result of the abuse of Adsense is obvious. In the most recent information products AdWords one of the first warnings you have been given during the AdWords ads is to remove the link to advertise the network. The reason is simple: ads appearing on pages bad leading to bad customers. It is a waste of money advertising and direct loss of revenue for publishers AdSense. All serious AdWords advertisers are not advertising on the network, resulting in less competition. The cost per click on a page of content is much less than the cost for a general search page.

AdWords and AdSense will never die and is and will remain one of the better incomes for many internet marketing.

And now? The answer lies in improving the quality websites with content. Playing with the search engine not against it. If you want to compete with a search engine to create your own. Not impossible, Google has done and achieved.

What is improving?

The key words are optimizing must relate to the content of your Web pages and add value to the visitor. That does not mean that we should write a word a thousand pages with yours. One to two hundred words per page will be fine, enough to answer the question or part of the question that visitors seeking the investigation period. From there on the page can lead to ads AdSense, with a click on the link will be targeted visitor to the advertiser.

There is no need to write each page, you can always use DPP content and articles on websites you make sure that the main question that the visitor will have when searching for the word answer and display the following more specific information through the AdSense ads.

Imagine the joy their faces when they receive a five-check the number Adsense, and I think the joy you put on the face of AdWords advertisers also receive a five-day number of payment?

Once your site properly implemented, there are some things we need to pay attention. The truth about AdSense placement, there is something to it. For CTR high placement of your ad must be highly optimized.

I found myself test various methods of disposal Adsense. A training course for all does not work. In some pages, will be higher and others would be lower.

It all depends on the content of the page and the question you should ask yourself at this point is the content of the visitor is more likely to want more detailed information. If you write your content, you have to write so that you give information, then raised the curiosity and is at this point, where your ad will appear for the first time. Using this method, and maintaining focus on the content of your site, you will see the number of clicks and AdWords advertisers will receive targeted visitors he wants.

You are beginning to see how important it is to get the content and ads for the moment, let me ask you this: You are one of the publishers AdSense costing money or advertiser - you actually what advertisers help them win money?

Before Blogging – 5 Things You Should Know

So you want to join in on the blogging phenomenon? Before you get started, there
are a few things you should know about blogging. Blogging is a lot like an online
journal. There are thousands of bloggers online posting each day. It is a trend that
started in 1997 and has continued to grow steadily. If you are interesting in blogging,
but have not yet began, read over these five things you should know before you

You Can Be Personal
Many times new bloggers are really not sure what to post. They know that their blog
is a personal space, but they are afraid to make their posts personal in any way. The
best bloggers do put themselves out there via their posts. They will post what’s on
their mind and their views or opinions on pressing issues. They may do so in a
humorous manner or be quite serious. Sometimes new bloggers are afraid to post
their true thoughts because their blog can be commented upon. The fact is however
that not everyone will agree with your thoughts and posts, but you should not let that
hold you back. These are people who don’t personally know you, so their comments
really don’t matter much anyway. Don’t be afraid to let your true feelings show on
your blog, after all, that it what an online journal is all about.

Don’t Be Too Personal
Although it is fine to be personal in your posts, you might not want to be too personal
in how mu ch you disclose about yourself. For example, including your phone
number or address in a post or on your profile is probably not a good idea. You
should think smart and only allow people to know things that you want them to
know. For your own safety, you might not want to post your last name either. When
someone has a lot of information about you, it is easier for them to victimize you
through identity theft, harassment, or other crimes. So, stay safe and never post
really private information.

Never Use Real Names
When you are posting, and keeping it personal and real, there can be times in which
other people in your life come up in topic. Be very careful including other people in
your posts. First, never use their real names. This is a huge mistake. Unless the
person gives you permission to write about them, you should never do so. It will
only lead to trouble. If the person you mention reads your blog, they could get
offended that you are writing about them. Even if the post is positive, it can be seen
much like talking behind their back. Try to keep the posts about you or celebrities or
other public figures. Let everyone else’s business remain their own.

Keep It Fresh
One of the best things you can do as a blogger is to keep your blog fresh. This means
that you should be posting often and changing things around when doing so. Post on
different topics so your audience can stay interested. Also, post at least twice a week.
People who will become fans of your site will want to read as much as possible on
your blog. Updating your blog regularly will allow them to be entertained. If you
only post once a month, chances are no one will remember to keep checking your
blog and your traffic will not be impressive.

You Can Blog For Free
Before you pay an arm and a leg for a blogging space, you should know that there are
sites where you can blog for free. Yes, for no charge at all you can set up your own
blog. These sites are great for the new blogger. If you want something a little more
sophisticated, you might have to pay for it. The free sites are very well maintained
however. They are easy to use and offer several different templates for you to use
when designing your blog. They automatically update your posts for you, which
make them a breeze! Remember, you should not pay a large fee for your blog,
especially if you are new to blogging. Do your research and find the free sites!

Top google keyword List of this week that cost $2.5+ per click

( this is for the keyword=money, as one of reader mailed me to introduce this)

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no investment
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please note that this is just for this week and analysis made on july 18th and the CPC avg may increase or decrease subjected to the google adwords compeitition.
Readers can post comments demanding of their keywords choice so that i can get it for them as well.

Keeping the Blogging Fires Burning

Bryce from A Bite of Sanity asked me about how one might continue to care about blogging once the fires have dimmed a bit. I’m not sure of Bryce’s specific circumstances, but I will tell you about how I keep up such a prolific schedule of blogging and give you some tips on how to keep it moving.

Write for Your Audience

I write every post as if I’m telling you something that I hope will be useful. If I were writing just to please myself, that’s easier to stop doing. I write with you in mind, and that keeps me motivated to give you more quality and a certain level of quantity, too.

Writers are Readers

Read constantly. I blaze through over 1000 blog posts a day. I don’t read them all, but I process about 1000. How? Quickly. I skim through, find points that interest me, and then REALLY read the ones that matter to me. Along the way, I hit Shift-S in Google Reader and share them on my feed with you.

The point is, the more I read, the more I’m exposed to good ideas. Ditto with podcasts. I heard four blog posts in the most recent episode of This Week in Tech.

Keep a Text File of Topics

I’m stumped from time to time on what to write next, and then, at other times, I can churn out 100 blog topics for a single post (most comments and trackbacks to date on that post, by the way). But having a text file I can open and peruse gives me plenty of material to choose from. Mix this with my first point about writing for the people who matter to me, and I’m fairly well-managed.

See What Mainstream Magazines Do

Disclosure: I’m stealing this tip from Brian Clark at Copyblogger. He does these posts where he dissects an issue of a popular mainstream mag and then shares how you might translate those article titles into blogging topics.

If It’s Because You’re Feeling Unheard

That’s another matter altogether. One way to get heard is to be relevant. I say this to people all the time when they complain that no one reads their blog. Relevant to whom is an important point, by the way. What matters to me isn’t what matters to others. But if you find the people who you think will love your stuff, keep writing ( podcasting, whatevering) to THAT group, because they’re like minded.

And other ways to be heard are to encourage the conversation in other places, including reposting your RSS feed to your various social networks (the old “use networks like Facebook as outposts” trick), and inviting people in to comment and/or guest post.

10 Secrets to Better Blogging

10There’s lots of information and advice hidden in the archives of this site, and I admit that it’s not especially easy to find it all. To that end, I’m going to put up a series of posts from time to time where I’ll give you links to 10 of my posts about a topic that might be of use to you. Today’s topic: blogging. Let me know if this is helpful. In reading through these posts a bit, it’s funny how I sometimes echo themes, repeat advice, etc. But I believe repetition is a good teacher. Plus, I’m forgetful. It’s a perfect mix.
10 Secrets To Better Blogging

10 Blogging Tips - So tiny, you can fit it on a 3×5 card, and yet, I think it’s useful.

Growing Your Audience - Some Basics - Here’s a question I get often. “How do I attract more readers?”

Basic Business Blogging Suggestions - Blogging for work? Here’s a place to look for topics and starting points.

Make Your Blog Design Work for You
- Layout and design are important. I’d like to think that looks don’t count, but we both know better.

Conquering Fear of Blogging - Sometimes, we’re just not ready to make the next step. Some advice.

Writing Effective Blog Posts - It’s not that I have a formula, but I do have ideas on what works.

Seven Blog Improvements You Can Make Today - There are lots of ways that blogs thwart your audience. Here are some remedies.

Keeping the Blogging Fires Burning - Sometimes, we run out of motivation. Here’s some ways to fix that issue.

20 Blogging Projects for You - More ideas for WHAT to write, if necessary.

Performance And Your Audience - Blogging Tips - Shakespeare said all the world’s a stage. I believe it.

And if you want the “best of” from my site, there’s always this mega list of posts.
Is This Helpful

Let me know if this is useful, and I’ll continue the series. Let me know if this gave you some ideas on how to improve your blogging. Let me know if you have questions that weren’t answered by those 10 posts. Work for you ?

Oh, and in case you need to save any of these for later reference, in the right sidebar is an Eco Safe widget that saves pages (with their comments) as PDF files. So, if you want to share these around the office easily, you could always make 10 PDF files out of them and send around the bundle.

5 great tip on How to Write Effective Blog Posts

Have you ever dissected my blog posts to see how I do them? Not that there’s one right way and tons of wrong ways, and not that I know everything. But I do have a way that I tend to write blog posts, and if you’re interested, I’ll break it down for you, if only to demonstrate the thinking behind what I’m doing.

First Moves

My first steps are to think up a topic, translate that into a good title, and then find a suitable Creative Commons photo on Flickr. That’s right off the bat, and that’s what gets things going. I think a solid title from the topic is my first start, because I’m trying to tempt you to read through on your reader of choice. The picture? I forget where, but someone nice told me a picture with a post draws our attention, and I agree.Hope you enjoyed this now read on for next.

My Lead Paragraph

My first paragraph is written conversationally and from my point of view. I often tell a really short story about something relating to the topic. Why? Because I’m trying to engage YOU right away. If I can ask a question that gets you thinking about yourself, that’s even better.ha ha! well about structure.


Note that I use the “strong” tag to separate segments throughout the post. There are a few reasons to do that:

* It gives your eyes a way to skim.
* It breaks up the post.
* It rolls into an easy summary.

I also use bullets when appropriate. Same reason. It gives your eyes something to do.

You might also note that I try to keep my paragraph length short. There are two reasons. One is that it looks less daunting that way. Two, I’m a fan of the book THE SHIPPING NEWS, and that brevity stuck with me. Sometimes, I have to write a long post, but I try to stay somewhat brief within the post.

Lead With the Best Stuff

Other hints I have for getting people to appreciate your posts is that I put the best stuff up front, in case you don’t have enough time. Further, I definitely follow the old, “say what you’re going to say, say it, tell them what you just said” method. Only, I try not to be clunky with it.

End With a Question

This isn’t a gimmick, but it works really well. I ask the community (you!) what YOU think, because often times, you’ll add something way better than what I started with. It’s also a great reason to swing by and check out the actual page, instead of just sticking in the reader IF the topic is worth it to you.

Does It Work?

My blog traffic is increasing slowly over time. It gets big spikes here and there from reaching the front page of this or that news aggregator site, or from being linked by great blogs like Lifehacker or Problogger, but overall, the community is growing organically, and I like it.

So tell me, does it work for YOU? You come by here all the time. What do you think? And what would you tell people that I’ve missed here?

How to make your blog churn out hard cash. Now proven!!

Making money from your blog these days is not just only very possible, but actually very easy.

You’ve got excellent writing skills, and you’ve got brilliant ideas or burning issues you regularly share with the world. You’ve probably got a blog that is generating a considerable amount of traffic. You don’t have to put all that traffic to waste. You could make a decent earning while sharing with the rest of the world.

Making money from your blog these days is not just only very possible, but actually very easy. For starters, you could make use of Internet advertising programmes. The more popular ones are Blogads, AdGenta, Chikita eMiniMalls and Google Adsense.

The most popular and profitable, however, is Google adsense. It’s free and way too easy to use. All you need do is apply to Google’s adsense programme.

They’ll send you an html code which you copy to your blog’s layout and then adverts related to the subject you are writing on would appear beside your blog posts. Each time a person visits your blog and clicks on the ad, Google pays you.

You can also register for an affiliate programme. There are lots of them, including Rocket profit, Incent reward and Amazon associates.

The Amazon Associates programme is the best of them all. It gives bloggers the opportunity to promote any product in Amazon’s inventory as affiliate agents.

Just like Google adsense, all you need do is add a small, identifying code to the links that take your site’s visitors to a specific Amazon product page (books, DVDs, electronics, etc.). If the visitors who clicked on your link buy an item even if it’s not the item you point to — you earn a small commission.

Furthermore, you could sell and promote your products on your blog. Many bloggers use their blogs to promote their books, e-books, branded t-shirts, or the sort.

Your t-shirt, for example, could have a tagline about a strong message or cause about something you are really passionate about, or which your audience is passionate about. Provided it is affordable, you audience is sure to buy.

If your blog has a lot of traffic, you could take advantage of this by approaching a company to become its official online blogger.

An increasing number of companies are paying bloggers with highly visited sites to do write-ups on their products and services. These are called Paid assignments. With your blog, you could write up articles for clients, sensitising your audience about a product or a new service.

This however must be done with caution. When you do it too often you could bore your audience and lose a following. The only thing here is that you, as a blogger must be as transparent, accountable and professional as possible.

Finally, you could sign on to be a blogger on blog networks. Some blog networks which pay bloggers and writers to write include www.creative-weblogging.com, www.payperpost.com, and www.weblonginsc.com. These blogs are always looking for people to write quality articles, and they are willing to pay for it.

You could earn a decent income just blogging on subjects you love. So, get on your computer, work with your skills and let your skills work for you.

Best Two Most Successful Blog Business Models for Adsense

Entrepreneurs have two different business models that they use in order to make money from blogs. The first way that they make money is they sell advertising to different companies and make money when the blog’s readers click on advertising or click through and make a purchase.

Entrepreneurs have two different business models that they use in order to make money from blogs.

The first way that they make money is they sell advertising to different companies and make money when the blog’s readers click on advertising or click through and make a purchase. These blogs use affiliate programs and Adsense to generate revenues.

The second way that they make money from blogs is by helping a single brand improve its image by creating a positive association, between the blog and the product, in the mind of the consumers.

If the creator of the blogs has a good mind for marketing, both of the blog business models can make a lot of money.

If your goal is to sell advertising on your blog there are two ways that you can go about finding ways to generate an income with your blog. The first way is to let someone else do all the work to find the advertisers or you can do all the work yourself and keep all of the revenue rather than paying out a portion to someone else.

In the first way, you will be able to keep all the revenues yourself. Many people make money with blogs by selling space through the Google AdSense program. There are many advantages to this program, because it requires little work on the part of the blogger in order to start making profits. You will find, however, that you will make less money on this method than you hoped to earn. But, you can make a fortune if you do it right.

Selling advertising directly to companies that want to put an ad on your site, can be extremely lucrative. You would only want to do this if you have a lot of people that you already know in the industries related to the topic of your blog.

You would have to have a strong background in sales and have to be able to pitch proposals. If you can do this you can make a lot of money renting real estate space on your blog to different companies. The downside, is that you would have to build up a large readership before advertisers will pay you money. It could take several months of hard work before you will see a profit from your blog.

As blogging becomes more and more profitable, many established companies will consider how they can get into blogging. One of the ways that companies can get into the action is by having their own blogs. The blog can provide a friendly face for their corporation. Companies will often hire established bloggers to create a weblog for their company. Bloggers are getting hired by companies to make and run blogs that help the company build a positive image to their company. This maybe a route that you can take to have blog success.

Consider these two ways that you can make bucks from your blog. Start a blog today. It is easier than you think.

Exposed how to obtain Free PR links

This is a method of getting free links. The links:

* Have Google PageRank (PR)
* Allow you to use your keywords as the anchor text

I’m not going to argue about how accurate PR is. At the end of the day, it’s a quick and easy way to see how much a link is likely to help you. If a page has a PR4 for
example then the chances are it has at least a few external links going into it and wil benefit you in the serps.

After you have done your on-page SEO, it comes down to links links links! If you want to rank for the word “Bingo” then go ahead and buy/spam/socialise(link bait etc) 1,000 links from high quality sites with the anchor text “bingo”.

I was actually using this method quite a few years ago but in a slightly different way which I will save for the next post :)

Quick overview
The basic idea is to look for forum posts which already have PR, we then signup to the forum and post a relevant message on the post. After a day or two, we return to the post and edit it to include our link.

Full process

Step 1
Install an add-on for your browser which allows you to view the pagerank of each search result in Google. This allows us to quickly see which forum posts have PR without having to visit each individual page. You could use SEO For Firefox or SEOQuake

Step 2
We start by searching for forums, it’s that simple. For example, we might perform a search for vBulletin Forums.

Step 3
Select one forum from the results of step 2 and do a site: search on it.

In the screenshot above you can clearly see there is an internal thread which has a PR2 (a tell tale sign for vBulletin forums is the use of a default URL structure.. showthread.asp?t=xxx).

Step 4
Signup to the forum and verify your account. Make a relevant post on the previously found thread.

Step 5
Repeat step 2-4 many times and ensure you keep a note of all the posts and your login details.

Step 6
Leave it a day or two and return to each of your posts, login and edit the post to include your link!

Great, a free link with my chosen keywords as the anchor text from a PR2 internal page!

Top Tips

* Ensure the thread you’re looking at has only one page worth of posts, so that when you make your post, you’re also on the page with PR :)
* Take the time to write a relevant on-topic post. These are free, reasonable quality links and worth putting the few minutes of time! If your first post is spammy or “Wow, great thread!” then it will be removed as spam within minutes on most forums.
* Most of the threads with PR will be reasonably old, this is because toolbar PR obviously only gets updated every now and then. As such you should come up with a convincing reason for why you’re dragging up a post that is 3 months or even 3 years old! The way to do this is to associate yourself with the thing being discussed, if someone is talking about a problem then describe how you have the same problem and even if there’s a solution, state that it doesn’t help you and request further advice.
* The longer you can leave the post without editing it the better. If you leave it for a short amount of time only then there is a chance someone will notice the edit and report you to the administrator. Be aware that some forum software does put a time restriction on how long you have before you can edit a post, I haven’t ran into this problem many times.
* Mix up your search in step 2 so that you don’t hit the same forums as other people.

Side note
Because I’m making this blog post, there is a good chance that the owner of the forum I used as an example will notice and remove the link. Don’t be put off by this :)

Increase 1000% in Adsense Income

Hi guys,

I've been using the forum for quite some time and, to say thanks, I would like to give you a simple tactic I used to increase my adsense earnings.

By today I use this in two of my sites and it's working great.

1. I use a squeeze page or a hover ad with an opt in form
2. I use aweber to get the emails and then send some follow ups
3. I send people to articles with adsense ads
4. In the article pages I use a hover ad to give some "tips" about reading, here I include the text "If you find links in the content try opening them in a new window so you don't loose the reading" - This give me realy good CTRs
5. Once a week I put the aweber emails in my hosted script 12all
6. Using 12all I program emails every week inviting the reader to check a "Last News page"
7. In the news page I post RSS content using XsitePro (You can use some free script), I also use the hover ad with tips.
8. Along with the RSS I put some Ads.

That's it.

The average CTR went from 1%-5% to around 30% and from 50ctv to $8-$12 daily with very few visitors (avg 177).

I didn't used to saw adsense as a great income possibility. Most of my income came from selling software/ebooks. But with this results I'll replicate the tactic and see how it goes.

I hope this is useful for y'all

Please if you have comments or questions let me know

This idea sounds crazy- "My Domain Flipping Method"

FROM OUR one of Friend reader:

hey guys (and girls),

this method is very simple. I have done it off and on twice in my life and now I share it with you.

I flipped my first domain for $3k, the second for $1k. the first was calltheboss.com. I heard some guy say "call the boss" in a commercial and I immediately registered the domain.

About a month later I was contacted by a domain auction site (afternic) informing me that someone was interested in the domain and was willing to pay $3k for it. I got them to pay $3,300 to cover the 10% escrow fee imposed by afternic.

The second time I banked on a domain was virginiatechshooting.com. I was just waking up one morning and getting situated on my computer when I saw the news story on the TV that a few people had been shot. I immediately went to godaddy and purchased the domain.

I was contacted that day by newspapers wanting to do little stories on how fast domains get snatched up. I bid my time and flipped the domain soon after.

So the method is simple. keep a tv going throughout your day with the news on and as soon as a breaking story begins to unfold, fire up godaddy and dont hesitate to click the register button if the story even has a chance of becoming big.

You can sell your domains at sedo, afternic, and godaddy

Learn How to Make Money Using Torrents

I saw people selling this method for $24.99! Which is ridiculous!”
Before anything you should know what is an affiliate network and what’s and offer, if you do not known post in the comments or send me a e-mail using the contact form and I will help you out.

For those who are asking “Whats a torrent?”
Simple, Torrents or BitTorrents are files shared with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. Peer-to-peer means that the files are shared by individual computers on the network rather than stored on one central server.
Thousands of people download ebooks, movies, software, music etc from Torrents search engines every single day, and I am going to teach you how to profit from this =]
When I said “profit“, I meant MAKE MONEY!

So this is how we MAKE MONEY

Go to a warez forum like (warez-bb.org) and download a small file, like a new application that just came out, a new eBook whatever you fill like, but look for files that have a lot of posts, that means more people is interested in that file and download it.
Unzip and put the downloaded files into a new folder.
Open the Notepad and copy and paste this:
“Hey Thanks for downloading the torrent!

Unfortunately since we host thousands of torrents
ourselves on a lot of trackers our bandwidth can
be outrageously expensive. We apologize for any
inconvenience this causes but it’s incredibly simple
and only takes a few seconds to get your password.

3 Simple steps.

1. Go to (Copy And Paste Into Browser)-> www. put-your-offer-link-here .com

2. Scroll and submit name and email

3. Get your password on the second page.
(here put the steps they need to find the password, always use a password that is found on the page after the offers is marked as completed)

The password is in between the quotation marks at the
top of the page. It’s the 3rd word next to the Trademark TM symbol.
(Explain where is the password)

To keep all of our torrents alive and going we ask that you
help support the Bittorent community by please seeding the
torrent as long as you can. This helps to ensure that everyone
can get the goodies quickly and easily.

Enjoy the torrent!”

Save this file as ReadMe.txt

This way when someone downloads your file, they need to complete your offer to see the password, which will bring you money. The password can be a text that appears on the offer’s confirmation page or whatever you fill like, but make it easy for them to find the password and use easy offers!
Email and Zip submits(CPA - PPL offers) work the best.

So now you should have two files, the folder you unzipped from the downloaded file and the ReadMe.txt file you created.

Now zip the folder and put the password that can be found after completing the offer.

Create a new folder and put both files (the new zip you just created and the ReadMe.txt) in.
By now you should have something like this:

- File you zipped with a password protection
- ReadMe.txt

Now change the name of the NEW FOLDER to what the file is and zip the new folder, this way people will be able to access the ReadMe.txt file which explains how they get the password to open the other zip file.

Upload the final zip file to torrent sites and put it in a folder to be shared on Limewire.
This sounds a little hard and confusing, but actually it’s not! This can be done within 5 minutes.

Tip: Look for trends and see whats popular and being searched a lot - adult stuff still works good.

Any questions? Put on the comments or contact me I will be glad to help you out!

as always , Happy Earnings! =P

How to Push Your Website Ranking the Fast and Easy Way

Ask yourself the following question;

When it comes to driving traffic to your sites, do you want to work the hard way or the smart way?

Let me explain to you what are the hard way to driving targeted traffic,

1 ) buy all guides on SEO and make yourself to master all tactics in the shortest time frame,

Pros: SEO works on all website for as long as you follow the rules, it can also target different kinds of search, including image search.

Cons: You have to accomplish all tasks yourself and this can be time consuming, eg links exchange, article writing, keeping yourself updated with some of the least competitive keywords to be used on your site.

2) News letter distribution

Pros: You will be able to generate qualified people by using this method, lets say your business is about jewelry and you provide free news letter for anyone who is interested in keeping updated with the latest fashion trends, You can brand your website in the news letter,this serves as a piece of reminder for your qualified buyers, that if they were to get any fashion jewelry, you are their choice.

Cons: You have to have a passion in writing, if you simply couldn't write any articles or news letters, you will have to hire a free lance writer to write for your business. This is going to cost you a bomb in long term basis.

A smarter way to drive targeted traffic to your website

You can leverage your online business success on popular social bookmarking websites such as Google, yahoo, blinklist and so fore. Using this method can also generate qualified traffic to your websites. However, you will have to register an account or two on each of these top social bookmarking sites, activate your account and post your links. It should be easy for you to remember all your account user names and passwords if you are not going to have more than one account to each of these sites. What happens if you would like to have more than one account and have difficulties in remembering all passwords?

I smell disaster! What makes me say so? well, I've been in that situation and i know how it feels to repeat every single steps all by myself. However, I'm glad to discover bookmark generation tool that can create unlimited accounts, the system is going to activate each of these accounts for you. It will automatically post my ads on schedule. I will call this a lazy marketer secret weapon. You can get as much qualified traffic to your sites as you like without spending high advertising dollars.

Understanding Your Website Visitors Avoid Website Failure

Many people have a hard time to attract visitors to their websites. This is the major problem any webmaster will face once you decide to build and run a website or blog. Visitors are the life line of any website. However, not many know what are the types of visitors are there in the World Wide Web. Mainly we could divide them into two major categories.

Random Visitors
Random visitors or not targeted traffic are the visitors who visit your site at random and they are not visiting mainly looking for certain information which your website could offer. These random visitors could be at a website because they accidentally found the site or just browsing the internet looking for some information which would attract their interest to read further. This type of visitors carries little value to website owners who intend to sell something using their sites as the traffic is not targeted traffic.

Targeted Visitor
This type of visitors to sites is highly valued as these people are looking for certain information which they need from various sites. If your website could offer them what they need, the chances are they will stick around and read further because the information they are looking for is provided by your website. As for online entrepreneurs, these targeted visitors mean there is a much greater chance for them to sell or promote a product as the visitors are interested in the information the site could offer.

Therefore, if you are looking for improving your website return on investment, then you should increase the number of targeted visitors and not random visitors.

Traffic Building Keywords Secrets

For websites developing their online presence, an important task for all site developers is to determine how to effectively make websites show up higher in search listings via major search engines. The significance of such a task is greater today than it has ever been, since search engine traffic will make all the difference between struggling businesses' websites and thriving internet companies getting more business than they know what to do with.

The proper traffic building keywords used by online firms is extremely important when trying to increase the number of hits from search engine traffic. A major business has grown to help users develop and gain maximum optimization from search engine programs. These programs, known as SEO traffic, can often comprise a major portion of a site's traffic when properly deployed. Potential clients are attracted to your site by the appearance and wordage.

Numerous website operators aren't, however, aware that they can maximize their pages using traffic building keywords that improve the stream of their business without the necessity of individual services operating to spur on search engine placement of key word searches. Selecting the right traffic building keywords on your site is easy if you heed the crucial rule of selecting keywords : be sure they are pertinent to your subject.

Many website owners believe that the most effective way to creating traffic monetization, or turning page visitors into page customers, is through baiting them into visiting your site by using keywords unrelated to your business type or your page content. This can be a double edged strategy, because the increased traffic to your page may be countered by negative opinions of your page voiced by visitors who come to find that your page doesn't have what they're seeking.

Online customers often use keywords to help them find what they are looking for. When these keywords help them locate an item, they are more like to feel a sense of customer satisfaction and return to the web site later for future purchases. Because of this, it is extremely important for web designers to make use of relevant traffic building keywords when creating a web site.

Be certain that your buzzwords actually relate to the content on the page and that they convey an immediate impression of the site's purpose. Utilize exact product keywords, common alternative terms, and other references to what you are providing so that visitors will be attracted and then won't be disappointed by what they find. The creation of buzzwords this way will guarantee a higher search engine ranking.

The proper traffic building keywords used by online firms is extremely important when trying to increase the number of hits from search engine traffic. A major business has grown to help users gain maximum optimization from search engine programs. These programs are known as seo traffic According to many website owners, the most effective way to create traffic monetization is to bait them into visiting your site with keywords that are not related to the contents of your page. However, this can be a double edged sword in that the increased traffic to your page may be outweighed by the negative reactions of those who visit the page.

Blackhat SEO Tools And Scripts - The Digerati Blackbox

he Digerati Blackbox

So, I’ve collected together a set of tools, scripts, databases and tutorials which will help the beginner blackhat find their feet.

Some of the stuff is pretty good, albeit fairly basic.

You should be able to make something decent if you combine some of these scripts, or strip out some of the code into your own creations.

Blackbox Contents:

Cloaking & Content Generation:

This is a cloak / dynamic content generation script. To use it you simply add a small piece of code to the top of each page you wish to be cloaked. When someone accesses your page then cloakgen is run and if the user-agent suggests the visitor is a standard user then they are simply shown your standard page. However if the user-agent suggests that the visitor is a search engine then it will start doing the business. It will start by finding out what page called it, then it will open this page and find out what the most common words on the page are. Once it has worked this out then it will scrape some content about that word from wikipedia and add it with your normal page content. Each keyword will be emphasised in a random way. For example the keyword could be bold or red font etc. The final page will be output in the following way:

Title of the page in capital letters
Large title at the top of the page
Content of the website with emphasization and wiki content

PAD is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both authors and webmasters. This is what you want to use with the below databases.

You should have heard of Yet Another Content Generator (YACG). It’s a beautifully easy way to get websites up and running in minutes with mashed up scraped content.


A database of 23,770 different articles on a variety of topics.

This is a database of every quote on Bash.org. This huge Database has every single quote as of May 1st, 2007!

Over 130,000 rows of medical A-Z

Keyword Scripts:

This script allows you to scrape a range of similar keywords to your original keyword from Ask.com.

This script will take a base keyword and then scrape similar keywords from google.

This script uses php cURL to scrape search results from the MSN LIVE Search API.

Enter one base keyword and scrape similar keywords from overture.

Linkbuilding Scripts:

A very easy to use (and old) multi guestbook spammer.

Nifty little internal linker (read more about it here)

Very powerful trackback poster. Trackback Solution is 100% multithreaded and very efficient at automatically locating and posting trackback links on blogs.

Very nice script to generate links from to your site from people scraping RSS.

Misc Scripts:

Automate the false increase of your Alexa rating/rank.

Create typos of a competitive keyword and rank easy!


Wordpress plugin that makes scraping the easiest thing in the world.


Create a list of web proxy URLs used for negative seo purposes or spam

A script to download proxies from the samair proxy list site.


Delicious CAPTCHA broken. In Python.

Simple machines forums captcha breaker compiled and designed to run on Linux but portable to Windows.


What it says on the tin. Examples of m-m-m-multi curl!

4 super basic tutorials on using curl/regex.



Know how to have %100 Free Unique Content - For all Websites

Ok. Maybe some of you already know this. For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, here is the thing.

By using google-translator you can have free unique content for your website regardless what your site is about.

Steps to Follow

1- Find an article about your topic. Just search on google according to your needs.
2- Open the google-translator webpage. Copy and past the article that you've found into google-translator.

3- Assuming it is in english. First translate it from english to spanish. Then Spanish to english again. Then from English to French. Then from French to German. Then from German to English.

4- Finally you get unique content for free. The meaning of sentences is very good.

hope you did enjoy.
Also it passes the copyscape check. TESTED. You get free content and you don't need to pay any money for content creator softwares. It is instant. It is FREE.

Wow now got free nice Cheap Web Traffic idea.

Most Search Engine Optimization experts tend to agree that content is king on the web. But this simple catch-phrase can be misleading. It should really be 'fresh content' is king. Providing original content is a way to avoid having to find cheap web traffic because it will eventually generate traffic for free.

A simple technique to avoid providing duplicate content is to re-write parts of the original and include some of your own custom content. Another is to regularly replace older articles on your site with fresh ones. This does require some effort, but you can find scripts that can assist in both finding articles and automatically replacing older ones on a schedule.

However, the best way to ensure that your content is original is to write it yourself. This is the kind of content that search engines love. Unfortunately, writing is a daunting task for most people. However, there are some simple techniques which can make the process much easier.

Picking the right topic is essential. It should be something you have some knowledge about. It is even better if you have a real passion for the subject.

You are the only person who is going to see the first draft so don't waste time worrying about what others might think. Write quick drafts and return to edit later. Start by writing just what comes to mind. Before you know it, you will have produced plenty of content. Later on you can return to edit it so that it is suitable for publishing. Always keep in mind what your audience would find useful.

A great thing about the web is that people like to read screen-size amounts at one time. You only have to write about 400-500 words rather than a long essay.

A great way to lift your credibility (and obtain backlinks at the same time) is to publish your work in an article directory. However, if you want it to remain totally original you may prefer to just leave it on your own site.

After you have published your first piece of work you will see that the process isn't as frightening as you first thought. Soon you will be able to compose lots of fresh interesting content that both the search engines and your visitors will love. Because of this, you should be able to attract many free visitors and you won't have to look for sources of cheap web traffic.

$20 to $300 per day in 45 days - My live case study.

Hey guys,


I am going to be sharing my process over the next 6 weeks or so, as I boldly attempt to begin domination of my chosen niche.

I am doing this partly to gage my process and keep my focus on track, and partly as an inspiration to show those that are not making any money that it is indeed possible, and if you use the system that I outline you could potentially make a killing in your niche.

I am attempting to go from my random $20-$30 per day which is what I was on up untill last week when I started my new system, right up to $300 per day, which Is going to be a really good achievement for me.

I am currently sitting on an average of $93 per day, after just one week using this new system in my chosen niche ( sorry I can't tell you what my niche is) and so i feel that this is highly possible.

All your comments about this process and during the next weeks will be gladly read, and much appreciated.


1. Find hot niche, with desperate or passionate crowd who are buying.
for this I suggest focusing on product name type keywords and
anything closely related, also if it fits your niche, keywords like:
book, ebook, system, kit, software, etc.

2. go to wordtracker or whatever keyword tool you find the best,
get all your associated targeted keywords and export them so you
have them handy. Go through your keywords and discard any crappy
ones, like free, etc.

3. use SENuke to dominate all "low hanging fruit" keywords, with video and social sites on the first few pages.

4.Write or get written 1 quality article for each keyword (not super competitive keywords) and submit to ezine articles. rewrite articles using word flood, then 10 variations using WCW (web con**tent wizard)

5.submit articles to UAW (unique article wizard) for each target keyword, varying anchor text using Googleizer ratio (ask me if you want this) linking back to main money page (you should create a main money page for each main keyword category, this can be a presell, review type page or just a straight sell)

6. hire link builder and social networker to build me lots of pages backlinking to my site and also to interact on the top social sites, do this myself as much as I can untill I have enough
money (use social media daily process, and extra techniques from BHW)

7. create multiple variations of remixed existing niche videos and submit one for each target keyword use tube mogul, and senuke

8. create a post for each keyword on my main niche blog and use socialize it plugin and also modify blog to ping on auto using the idea in Niche marketing on crack ping list, or any other good ping list.

9. send out more articles with UAW using variations of already created content and link back to blog for target keywords as well.

10. Use cookie stuffer on blog and money site to place cookies for ebay and CB, etc, related products

11. once established in lower hanging fruit keywords and making good steady profit, use link builders to focus on getting me to the top of highly searched and highly competitive keywords in niche

12. hire someone to create 10 templates of a review and report style pages, all different with a different feel, approach, that can be modified in colour and content for use in different niches

13. get another 9 domains, with different types of names, create 9 more sites with the plan to dominate each phrase for the whole of the front page, with different style pages, covering all bases and completely dominating the niche.

14. Hire more link builders and have them build links to all of your sites gradually for each term.

15. Optional - Create properly stuctured silo site to encompass all main keywords.

16. Pick a new niche, wash, rinse and repeat

17. Go travel Europe, with $9000+ a month coming in on auto (optional)

Note: my current niche does not really mix well with building a list, so I am not making that an alterior motive ( I would usually suggest it, if you have other stuff to sell them)

P.s - if i see a new product on niche domination, I want a thanks at least

P.s.s - actually I am glad for anyone to replicate this system and thats partially why i posted this, but please thank me and leave me some comments, I want feedback

"abundance is the order of the day, don't succumb to the mentality of
lack, for you will attract lack unto you" - anonymous

ALL the best.

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