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$20 to $300 per day in 45 days - My live case study.

Hey guys,


I am going to be sharing my process over the next 6 weeks or so, as I boldly attempt to begin domination of my chosen niche.

I am doing this partly to gage my process and keep my focus on track, and partly as an inspiration to show those that are not making any money that it is indeed possible, and if you use the system that I outline you could potentially make a killing in your niche.

I am attempting to go from my random $20-$30 per day which is what I was on up untill last week when I started my new system, right up to $300 per day, which Is going to be a really good achievement for me.

I am currently sitting on an average of $93 per day, after just one week using this new system in my chosen niche ( sorry I can't tell you what my niche is) and so i feel that this is highly possible.

All your comments about this process and during the next weeks will be gladly read, and much appreciated.


1. Find hot niche, with desperate or passionate crowd who are buying.
for this I suggest focusing on product name type keywords and
anything closely related, also if it fits your niche, keywords like:
book, ebook, system, kit, software, etc.

2. go to wordtracker or whatever keyword tool you find the best,
get all your associated targeted keywords and export them so you
have them handy. Go through your keywords and discard any crappy
ones, like free, etc.

3. use SENuke to dominate all "low hanging fruit" keywords, with video and social sites on the first few pages.

4.Write or get written 1 quality article for each keyword (not super competitive keywords) and submit to ezine articles. rewrite articles using word flood, then 10 variations using WCW (web con**tent wizard)

5.submit articles to UAW (unique article wizard) for each target keyword, varying anchor text using Googleizer ratio (ask me if you want this) linking back to main money page (you should create a main money page for each main keyword category, this can be a presell, review type page or just a straight sell)

6. hire link builder and social networker to build me lots of pages backlinking to my site and also to interact on the top social sites, do this myself as much as I can untill I have enough
money (use social media daily process, and extra techniques from BHW)

7. create multiple variations of remixed existing niche videos and submit one for each target keyword use tube mogul, and senuke

8. create a post for each keyword on my main niche blog and use socialize it plugin and also modify blog to ping on auto using the idea in Niche marketing on crack ping list, or any other good ping list.

9. send out more articles with UAW using variations of already created content and link back to blog for target keywords as well.

10. Use cookie stuffer on blog and money site to place cookies for ebay and CB, etc, related products

11. once established in lower hanging fruit keywords and making good steady profit, use link builders to focus on getting me to the top of highly searched and highly competitive keywords in niche

12. hire someone to create 10 templates of a review and report style pages, all different with a different feel, approach, that can be modified in colour and content for use in different niches

13. get another 9 domains, with different types of names, create 9 more sites with the plan to dominate each phrase for the whole of the front page, with different style pages, covering all bases and completely dominating the niche.

14. Hire more link builders and have them build links to all of your sites gradually for each term.

15. Optional - Create properly stuctured silo site to encompass all main keywords.

16. Pick a new niche, wash, rinse and repeat

17. Go travel Europe, with $9000+ a month coming in on auto (optional)

Note: my current niche does not really mix well with building a list, so I am not making that an alterior motive ( I would usually suggest it, if you have other stuff to sell them)

P.s - if i see a new product on niche domination, I want a thanks at least

P.s.s - actually I am glad for anyone to replicate this system and thats partially why i posted this, but please thank me and leave me some comments, I want feedback

"abundance is the order of the day, don't succumb to the mentality of
lack, for you will attract lack unto you" - anonymous

ALL the best.


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