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This idea sounds crazy- "My Domain Flipping Method"

FROM OUR one of Friend reader:

hey guys (and girls),

this method is very simple. I have done it off and on twice in my life and now I share it with you.

I flipped my first domain for $3k, the second for $1k. the first was calltheboss.com. I heard some guy say "call the boss" in a commercial and I immediately registered the domain.

About a month later I was contacted by a domain auction site (afternic) informing me that someone was interested in the domain and was willing to pay $3k for it. I got them to pay $3,300 to cover the 10% escrow fee imposed by afternic.

The second time I banked on a domain was virginiatechshooting.com. I was just waking up one morning and getting situated on my computer when I saw the news story on the TV that a few people had been shot. I immediately went to godaddy and purchased the domain.

I was contacted that day by newspapers wanting to do little stories on how fast domains get snatched up. I bid my time and flipped the domain soon after.

So the method is simple. keep a tv going throughout your day with the news on and as soon as a breaking story begins to unfold, fire up godaddy and dont hesitate to click the register button if the story even has a chance of becoming big.

You can sell your domains at sedo, afternic, and godaddy


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