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Increase 1000% in Adsense Income

Hi guys,

I've been using the forum for quite some time and, to say thanks, I would like to give you a simple tactic I used to increase my adsense earnings.

By today I use this in two of my sites and it's working great.

1. I use a squeeze page or a hover ad with an opt in form
2. I use aweber to get the emails and then send some follow ups
3. I send people to articles with adsense ads
4. In the article pages I use a hover ad to give some "tips" about reading, here I include the text "If you find links in the content try opening them in a new window so you don't loose the reading" - This give me realy good CTRs
5. Once a week I put the aweber emails in my hosted script 12all
6. Using 12all I program emails every week inviting the reader to check a "Last News page"
7. In the news page I post RSS content using XsitePro (You can use some free script), I also use the hover ad with tips.
8. Along with the RSS I put some Ads.

That's it.

The average CTR went from 1%-5% to around 30% and from 50ctv to $8-$12 daily with very few visitors (avg 177).

I didn't used to saw adsense as a great income possibility. Most of my income came from selling software/ebooks. But with this results I'll replicate the tactic and see how it goes.

I hope this is useful for y'all

Please if you have comments or questions let me know


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