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How to Push Your Website Ranking the Fast and Easy Way

Ask yourself the following question;

When it comes to driving traffic to your sites, do you want to work the hard way or the smart way?

Let me explain to you what are the hard way to driving targeted traffic,

1 ) buy all guides on SEO and make yourself to master all tactics in the shortest time frame,

Pros: SEO works on all website for as long as you follow the rules, it can also target different kinds of search, including image search.

Cons: You have to accomplish all tasks yourself and this can be time consuming, eg links exchange, article writing, keeping yourself updated with some of the least competitive keywords to be used on your site.

2) News letter distribution

Pros: You will be able to generate qualified people by using this method, lets say your business is about jewelry and you provide free news letter for anyone who is interested in keeping updated with the latest fashion trends, You can brand your website in the news letter,this serves as a piece of reminder for your qualified buyers, that if they were to get any fashion jewelry, you are their choice.

Cons: You have to have a passion in writing, if you simply couldn't write any articles or news letters, you will have to hire a free lance writer to write for your business. This is going to cost you a bomb in long term basis.

A smarter way to drive targeted traffic to your website

You can leverage your online business success on popular social bookmarking websites such as Google, yahoo, blinklist and so fore. Using this method can also generate qualified traffic to your websites. However, you will have to register an account or two on each of these top social bookmarking sites, activate your account and post your links. It should be easy for you to remember all your account user names and passwords if you are not going to have more than one account to each of these sites. What happens if you would like to have more than one account and have difficulties in remembering all passwords?

I smell disaster! What makes me say so? well, I've been in that situation and i know how it feels to repeat every single steps all by myself. However, I'm glad to discover bookmark generation tool that can create unlimited accounts, the system is going to activate each of these accounts for you. It will automatically post my ads on schedule. I will call this a lazy marketer secret weapon. You can get as much qualified traffic to your sites as you like without spending high advertising dollars.


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