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How to make your blog churn out hard cash. Now proven!!

Making money from your blog these days is not just only very possible, but actually very easy.

You’ve got excellent writing skills, and you’ve got brilliant ideas or burning issues you regularly share with the world. You’ve probably got a blog that is generating a considerable amount of traffic. You don’t have to put all that traffic to waste. You could make a decent earning while sharing with the rest of the world.

Making money from your blog these days is not just only very possible, but actually very easy. For starters, you could make use of Internet advertising programmes. The more popular ones are Blogads, AdGenta, Chikita eMiniMalls and Google Adsense.

The most popular and profitable, however, is Google adsense. It’s free and way too easy to use. All you need do is apply to Google’s adsense programme.

They’ll send you an html code which you copy to your blog’s layout and then adverts related to the subject you are writing on would appear beside your blog posts. Each time a person visits your blog and clicks on the ad, Google pays you.

You can also register for an affiliate programme. There are lots of them, including Rocket profit, Incent reward and Amazon associates.

The Amazon Associates programme is the best of them all. It gives bloggers the opportunity to promote any product in Amazon’s inventory as affiliate agents.

Just like Google adsense, all you need do is add a small, identifying code to the links that take your site’s visitors to a specific Amazon product page (books, DVDs, electronics, etc.). If the visitors who clicked on your link buy an item even if it’s not the item you point to — you earn a small commission.

Furthermore, you could sell and promote your products on your blog. Many bloggers use their blogs to promote their books, e-books, branded t-shirts, or the sort.

Your t-shirt, for example, could have a tagline about a strong message or cause about something you are really passionate about, or which your audience is passionate about. Provided it is affordable, you audience is sure to buy.

If your blog has a lot of traffic, you could take advantage of this by approaching a company to become its official online blogger.

An increasing number of companies are paying bloggers with highly visited sites to do write-ups on their products and services. These are called Paid assignments. With your blog, you could write up articles for clients, sensitising your audience about a product or a new service.

This however must be done with caution. When you do it too often you could bore your audience and lose a following. The only thing here is that you, as a blogger must be as transparent, accountable and professional as possible.

Finally, you could sign on to be a blogger on blog networks. Some blog networks which pay bloggers and writers to write include www.creative-weblogging.com, www.payperpost.com, and www.weblonginsc.com. These blogs are always looking for people to write quality articles, and they are willing to pay for it.

You could earn a decent income just blogging on subjects you love. So, get on your computer, work with your skills and let your skills work for you.


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