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How To Improve Your Adsense Quality Score

Most people have no idea that this even exists. Yes, there is a quality score for Adsense as well – not just for Adwords. If your site has a low AQS (Adsense Quality Score), then it will be "smartpriced" and you will get paid less for the clicks your site generates.

Since we are in the business of making more money, let’s see some of the things you can do to prevent this from happening...

You need to know that Google has some universal rules that they apply to pretty much everything they do.

If a page has certain qualities, it will rank higher on Google

If a page has certain qualities, it will get a higher quality score in Adwords

If a page has certain qualities, it will display Adsense ads that pay you more.

Here are some of the things you can do to improve your Adsense Quality Score:

- Add quality links to your pages
- Add related keywords to your main term: If you have a page about "seduce women" you may consider including some keywords like "pick up artist", "dating" etc...
- Use Terms of service and privacy policy links on your page. Yes, this can result in a higher Adsense quality score. Do it.
- Try to make your site more interactive so that visitors will stay on it longer. Google thinks that, if someone spends more time on your site, it must be high quality. Adding comment forms, special reports, videos etc can make your visitors stay more on your aite.
- Tell your visitors to bookmark your site (Google considers this a good sign of high quality as well)

If you want to discover more ways to increase your Adsense CTR and earnings per click, then sign up for feeds. comment and keep visiting the blogs. Requests are welcome.


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