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How to Display More Targeted AdSense Ads on Your Blog part 1

"TARGETING ADS", some guys out there may ask "Is it really important to pay attention as a google publisher?"
I will explain this with small example here so that you guys can have a crystal clearance in this discussion. Lets say you have a blog on Making money for example Making money blog.
Its a blog with PR 0, so you can sometime see ads such as adsense ad
Now visitors will come to the blog to know how they can earn and they will not be interested in origin of the Universe. Now you guys have some idea about which am talking. you may have sometime come across such things in your website or blogs. Question is how to target only ads related to your content, not otherwise. Why to show ads not relevant to your blog content.


Google provides this string of code to place on our web pages that alerts AdSense to display ads that are relevant to only that section we’ve enclosed in it. Likewise, we can also tell Google to ignore certain sections of our website by using a different set of instruction codes.
adsense targeting
Obviously, these little bits of code can allow us to do some pretty evil stuff. But, I’ve only had mixed results with them thus far. In future revisions of this book, I will most definitely update this section as more data comes in to analyze. For now, do what it is we do best: mess around with it! don’t expect anything to show up, you won’t immediately notice a change.
I’d recommend only using one or two on each page otherwise Google might just ignore them.

Important Note

In order to properly implement Section Targeting, you’ll need to include a significant amount of content within the section targeting tags. This means make sure your blog posts are a pretty good length otherwise insufficient content may result in less relevant ads or public service ads and it’s not worth adding these tags. It is also against Google’s AdSense policy to manipulate the ad targeting code to result in ads that are not relevant to the content of your pages. Don’t do it otherwise you risk getting banned from AdSense.

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