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Learn How to Make Money Using Torrents

I saw people selling this method for $24.99! Which is ridiculous!”
Before anything you should know what is an affiliate network and what’s and offer, if you do not known post in the comments or send me a e-mail using the contact form and I will help you out.

For those who are asking “Whats a torrent?”
Simple, Torrents or BitTorrents are files shared with the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network. Peer-to-peer means that the files are shared by individual computers on the network rather than stored on one central server.
Thousands of people download ebooks, movies, software, music etc from Torrents search engines every single day, and I am going to teach you how to profit from this =]
When I said “profit“, I meant MAKE MONEY!

So this is how we MAKE MONEY

Go to a warez forum like (warez-bb.org) and download a small file, like a new application that just came out, a new eBook whatever you fill like, but look for files that have a lot of posts, that means more people is interested in that file and download it.
Unzip and put the downloaded files into a new folder.
Open the Notepad and copy and paste this:
“Hey Thanks for downloading the torrent!

Unfortunately since we host thousands of torrents
ourselves on a lot of trackers our bandwidth can
be outrageously expensive. We apologize for any
inconvenience this causes but it’s incredibly simple
and only takes a few seconds to get your password.

3 Simple steps.

1. Go to (Copy And Paste Into Browser)-> www. put-your-offer-link-here .com

2. Scroll and submit name and email

3. Get your password on the second page.
(here put the steps they need to find the password, always use a password that is found on the page after the offers is marked as completed)

The password is in between the quotation marks at the
top of the page. It’s the 3rd word next to the Trademark TM symbol.
(Explain where is the password)

To keep all of our torrents alive and going we ask that you
help support the Bittorent community by please seeding the
torrent as long as you can. This helps to ensure that everyone
can get the goodies quickly and easily.

Enjoy the torrent!”

Save this file as ReadMe.txt

This way when someone downloads your file, they need to complete your offer to see the password, which will bring you money. The password can be a text that appears on the offer’s confirmation page or whatever you fill like, but make it easy for them to find the password and use easy offers!
Email and Zip submits(CPA - PPL offers) work the best.

So now you should have two files, the folder you unzipped from the downloaded file and the ReadMe.txt file you created.

Now zip the folder and put the password that can be found after completing the offer.

Create a new folder and put both files (the new zip you just created and the ReadMe.txt) in.
By now you should have something like this:

- File you zipped with a password protection
- ReadMe.txt

Now change the name of the NEW FOLDER to what the file is and zip the new folder, this way people will be able to access the ReadMe.txt file which explains how they get the password to open the other zip file.

Upload the final zip file to torrent sites and put it in a folder to be shared on Limewire.
This sounds a little hard and confusing, but actually it’s not! This can be done within 5 minutes.

Tip: Look for trends and see whats popular and being searched a lot - adult stuff still works good.

Any questions? Put on the comments or contact me I will be glad to help you out!

as always , Happy Earnings! =P


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